Under 9s mixed

Panthers: Michael Henry
Cougars: To be confirmed
Jaguars: To be confirmed

To be confirmed

VENUE – To be confirmed
TIME –  To be confirmed

Games will be played on Saturdays at 2.30pm. Our home ground is Aranda.


Ball size 2
Match Length – 3×15 mins
Interval Length – 2×5 mins
Team Make-up –  9-15 players on field consisting of equal players in each of the 3 zones.

MODIFIED TACKLE FOR AUSKICK 9s (introduced 2014)

Under the Junior Football Match Guide that was re-released this year, it outlines a new introduction to the tackle rule with a new ruling for the U9s. The previous version of hold and release is no longer a part of the rules and it now introduces a modified tackle (bear hug) in under 9s (which was previously introduced in U10s).

The definition of this modified tackle is: A player in possession of the ball may be tackled by an opponent wrapping both arms around the area below the top of the shoulders and on/above the knees. The tackle may be from either side or from behind.

When teaching this to your players it is important to remind the players that this should be a one motion action in wrapping an opponent up and then holding them.  As soon as there are the secondary motions of pushing, slinging or deliberate taking to the ground, it needs to be pulled up. Slinging (either with ball in possession or after possession) in particular is not to be tolerated. It is important that as a group we work together to make sure the players understand that both the tackler and player in possession need to make every effort to remain on their feet.

We all acknowledge that accidents will happen, and with this rule at times feet will clash and players will fall to the ground. In this case a ball up (players have been without prior opportunity) or free kick (holding the ball) should be applied. If there is uncertainty on this then it should be balled up and a common sense approach.  If players in possession of the ball are deliberately falling to the ground they need to be penalised.

Prior opportunity exists with this rule, like it does with the holding the ball rule applied in full ruled games. A player in possession of the ball when held by an opponent applying the modified tackle, shall be given a  reasonable chance to dispose of the ball by kick or by handball or by attempting to kick or handball. A guide would be between 3-5 seconds and then either a ball up called if players was unable to get the ball out (Held in, a few players around the ball etc) or free kick can be awarded, Holding the ball, if a player has had the chance to pass it off and hasn’t done so. In most cases you will find that it will be a ball up.

If the player in possession of the ball though has already had prior opportunity (e.g. had a run, bounce, could have passed it off effectively etc), and a correct tackle is applied, then “holding the ball” must be paid, players don’t then get more time to try and dispose of it.

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Auskick Pro 9 Rules 2014
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